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Information on Attending

Information on Attending

[Replace with an overview of the types of questions answered here, and where students and families can get additional questions answered.]

I’m not sure I can afford to pay for school. What can I do?

[Replace with information about financial aid, student employment opportunities, etc.]

Is Universitas going to cancel the Fall semester? Am I going to be asked to learn from home?

[Replace with information about your school's plans for the Fall semester. You don't need to have every answer, but at least provide a place for anxious students and families to know where the answer will be in the future.]

How do I stay informed about changes?

[Replace this with information about services like Opt-In channels, push notifications, etc. that users can utilize to stay up to date and engaged.]

I’m worried about being too close to people at school and becoming sick. What is being done to keep people safe?

[Replace with information about your school's policies and best practices for social distancing, hygiene, contingency plans, etc.]

Will on-campus dining be available when I attend?

[Replace with information about dining options in light of the current situation, building confidence that your school is here to serve them in a safe, healthy way.]