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Meet Your Campus Family

Meet Your Campus Family

[Replace with information about people, departments, clubs, groups, etc. that exist on campus -- physically and virtually -- to support the holistic experience of higher education.]

Student government

[Replace with information about Student Government, functions, links to other modules, applications to join, etc.]

Clubs and club sports

[Replace with information about to search and join clubs on campus. Even if students are not physically at the school, joining clubs and extracurricular activities can make a massive impact on the engagement and retention of new students, as well as making them feel they are part of the community and doing this on their own.]

Affinity Groups

[Replace with information about additional affinity groups on campus. Sub-populations like non-traditional students, students with families, active military students, or those hailing from different parts of the world can find camaraderie among like experiences. Combine this with a Publish module for each group and an Opt-In channel they can subscribe to, and you have a ready-made directed engagement for each of these groups.]

Residence Hall Life

[Replace with information about how students can engage with others in their same residence hall. Even before students arrive on campus in the fall (or spend part of the semester attending from home), use this opportunity to build engagement and culture, and continue that momentum once they arrive on campus.]