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Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

[Replace with an overview of how students can stay healthy, both on-campus and at home. This is not only to ensure your incoming students are healthy, but also so the students and their families see the effort and care that your institutions put into the student experience. Your on-campus Wellness Office may have great content you can use here.]

Practicing social distancing on campus

[Replace with guidance, best practices, links, etc. on social distancing.]

Steps we are taking to keep the campus clean and safe for you

[Replace with information about what measures are being taken on campus to ensure a safe environment, so that students and families feel confident about living and learning on campus.]

Our campus health and wellness resources

[Replace with information about resources available to students and even families (both on-campus and online) for maintaining wellness, available discounts tied to enrollment as a student, etc.]

Maintaining a healthy body and mind

[Replace with best practices, guidance, and links on how students can maintain a high level of health, with the idea to both benefit them personally and as a student.]

The importance of sleep

[Replace with information how how sleep affects learning, cognition, and overall health.]